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Online Resume Generator is the easiest way to make CV online. With our tool your can make CV and save in PDF format. You need to answer few questions about your education and previous business history, skills and in a few clicks you will have fancy CV in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, ready for sending via E-mail. Our resume generator application is made with a great attention on usability, so you will be able to make your online cv in a just few clicks in easy to follow process. If you can afford five minutes to make a perffectly tailored CV, than you can count on huge impact that it will make on employer when it comes to reviewing it. Give yourself a chance to get a better job, with a just few clicks with Online CV generator.

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What is CV ( Resume )?

CV ( lat. Curriculum Vitae or life circle), or sometimes called resume is a document that you send when you are appling for a job, seminar, summer school, scholarship... The most comon way to send CV in last years is over the E-mail. There are difference between CV and cover letter. CV ( Resume ) is more formal, it has a basic informations about you, while cover letter has more free form and could be writen directly as an E-mail.

16.10.2010 is date when we started this online cv builder.

If you like this CV maker tool you can contact us at info [at] onlinecvgenerator . com

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